Perspective: Painting My Life With Colour

One year ago, I could not envision staying sober for an entire day. One year ago, I was completely broken on the inside. One year ago, I could no longer ...

The Mental Illness No One Talks About

The world had no colour. Tony was living on the streets, in jail, in the hospital, mired in alcoholism and drug abuse. He was 35 years old, and had never ...

Perspective: We Have Our Daughter Back

My journey to recovery began with anguish and hopelessness. My beloved child was sinking deeper and deeper into life-threatening addiction. I didn't know where to turn. I was hoping for ...

Food Junkies – The Truth About Food Addiction

The scale became a terror. I promised myself I would stop once I gained five pounds. Then it was ten pounds. The scale kept climbing as my binges continued. By the time the scale indicated that I had gained fifteen extra pounds, I knew I needed a new strategy. I planned to cut back my splurges to only once a week, just on Saturdays. That plan lasted three days.

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Are You Addicted to Food?

Enjoying food is definitely not the same thing as being addicted to food. Our brains are wired to enjoy food – that is a primal survival mechanism. Even the food addict who is in recovery still enjoys their food. What makes the enjoyment addictive is the key question. When you are not hungry and you still desire to eat, something else is operating that keeps you wanting to continue to eat.

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Video: Answers on Food Addiction

Food addiction is not addiction to all food. It’s a question of addictive behavioural patterns around specific foods. You have to figure out what your trigger foods are. Then it’s a question of the behaviour: it’s much the same as an alcoholic treats their drink or a cocaine addict treats their cocaine. They have the same type of behaviour patterns and require the same type of treatment.

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