If you’re interested in restoring balance to your own life and are concerned about the impact addiction has had on your family and/or workplace, Renascent is the right choice for you. Renascent helps restore balance to families, reduces the threat of relapse and supports a successful return to work.

A Specialized Treatment Center

In Toronto you can find a way to break from addiction and rebuild your life. Renascent offers specific treatment programs for men and women; we are one of the few treatment centres to provide this specialized treatment (we were the first to do so).

Call now. 1-866-232-1212.

If you are still hesitant, know that our programs can help you deal with addiction today and tomorrow. Once you are recovering, we offer continuing care and alumni care. Your family can benefit as well through our family and children programs. Renascent also provides workplace solutions that employers can access to help refer employees who need help.

How to Get Started

A trained Renascent addiction counsellor will answer your questions and book your free assessment. And don’t worry about being judged –- all of our counsellors are in active recovery. They know what you’re going through because they’ve been there.


Above (left to right): Ed Harding, House Manager, Punanai Centre & Kevin Amisson, House Manager, Paul J. Sullivan Centre